Rebrand for family farm park, shop & cafe >

A re-brand project for a well established, eco friendly farm park, shop & cafe based between Bristol and Bath. The main challenge of this brief was aiming to bring together all the separate elements of the business (the playbarn/farm shop/cafe/deli/events) into one recognisable brand, but still with each area having it's own identity. The target demographic was adults and families, who value quality, organic, homemade food, eco friendly farming practices and want a fun, healthy day out outdoors.

The Farrington's marketing team required an easily recognisable brand style that was eye catching and exciting for the audience, but still sent the message of wholesome quality. They required some easy to use, easily transferable, brand elements to be used in print and online to promote a huge variety of events and offers for all parts of the business - whilst still showing the consistent brand message in every promotion. I developed various elements and brand assets seen below to be used in a variety of ways.

I developed the "Eat, Play, Shop" tag line as a solution to communicate the concept of encouraging a full day out for the family (rather than the previous customer behaviour of visiting for just one part of the business).

I created a range of colourful and easy to use devices for the marketing team to incorporate into print and digital advertising whilst in keeping with the recognisable brand style.

Below you can see some mocked up examples of how the tag lines I developed could be used in print and online advertising for events and special offers...

I designed signage for the various elements of the business to be used around the farm park site, labelling each area with it's own character, whilst being clearly recognisable as part of the 'Farrington's' brand. The signs can also be easily used in advertising (print & digital) and on food packaging in all sizes and formats...

Check out the Farrington's signage design in full action around the farm park site...


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