10 steps to great design & happy clients :)


If you haven't used a designer for your business before and are wondering how the whole thing works I've compiled a 10 step guide to outline my tried and tested process...

1. Initial consultation to establish a brief for the project, discuss ideas, learn about your business.

2. A tailored quote drawn up and sent to the client.

3. Quote and timescales agreed, 50% deposit paid by client to secure the booking.

4. Further researching and understanding client's market & competitors.

5. Brainstorming ideas and drilling down on the company message.

6. Sketching out and designing mockups.

7. Presenting ideas to client, gather feedback from client and refine work.

8. Building the final design and presenting to client.

9. Feedback and sign off from happy client. Remaining 50% paid.

10. Design goes into production and starts doing the hard work for you :)

My process is flexible, my client can be as much involved in the process as they would like. During the process I provide regular updates, act on any feedback and am open and easy to contact.

My design process has proven successful because right from the start I ask the right questions, research thoroughly and listen to you properly. I will deliver on time to agreed deadlines and stick to budgets. All meetings can be face to face, unless otherwise preferred, and I provide ongoing support for my clients after the project is complete. Above all I love what I do, which means I don't stop until the work is in tip top shape!